Cheese Making Requirements

Farmstead Dairy Requirements

In Minnesota, cheesemakers are not required to complete a cheesemaking licensing program (as in Wisconsin). However, to process fluid milk into cheese or butter on-farm, a Minnesota Department of Agriculture license is required. Farmstead cheese producers are also required to register with the FDA and are inspected by a separate FDA official. Compliance with the guidelines helps ensure that cheesemakers are producing cheese in clean and safe environments.

As the artisan cheesemaking industry grows, state Departments of Agriculture and the FDA are also learning more about farmstead cheese practices and techniques. It is useful to learn about licensing issues and challenges, current research supporting practices (the use of raw milk, for example), to help support methods you incorporate in your own cheesemaking. As members of the artisan cheesemaking industry, it is important for individual cheesemakers to create healthful cheese, following safe production practices.

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