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By becoming a member of the Lake Superior Sustainable Farming Association (LS-SFA) you will be supporting the work of the Association to create a more sustainable food and farming system for our region. You will receive the Farm & Market News—a quarterly newsletter of LS-SFA  to “keep you posted” about sustainable agriculture events and happenings in our region. You will also receive the State of MN Sustainable Farming Association Newsletter, The CornerPost and regular updates about local events via email. You may choose to opt out of any of these offerings.

One Year Membership – $30

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Already a member and want to further help build LS-SFA’s capacity—consider giving a tax-deductible contribution of $500, $250, $100, $50, $25 to help LS-SFA fulfill its mission. Gifts of any size are welcome and appreciated.

Print the below form or download a PDF version and send with a check payable to:

LS-SFA – 317 Chestnut Ave, PO Box 307 – Carlton, MN 55718

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Please list products produced if applicable



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Annual Membership ($30)                                                              $         30

Tax Deductible Donation                                                                 $ _____________

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