Lake Agassiz



Coordinator: Marie Petry, Wolverton

Email: gro.n1441057539m-afs1441057539@ziss1441057539agaek1441057539al1441057539

Phone: 1-844-9-CALL-SFA, Ext. 708

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Upcoming Events

September:  TBD

November 21st:  Lake Agassiz Chapter Annual Meeting with speaker and/or
workshops in Mahnoman

January:   TBD

Event Archive

July 11, 2015:  Festival of Farms – Lida Farm and Lost Farm, Pelican Rapids. To read more and view photos, visit our Festival of Farms homepage.

June 18, 2015:  Summer High Tunnel Tour – This event toured of three research development high tunnels at the farm of Chuck and Barb Shulstad near Erskine.

June 2015: A free Spring Blossom Orchard Tour near Bagley – During the tour, The Honeyberry Farm and Nursery will showcased the beauty and fragrances of spring blossoms, including honeyberries, saskatoons, dwarf sour cherries, currants, aronia, elderberries, and more. Farm owners Jim and Bernis Ingvaldson led the tour.

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