An ongoing series of events dedicated to enhancing grass-fed livestock production

GrazeFest NEWSFA is dedicated to improving education and awareness of the benefits of pasture techniques within our farmer-to-farmer network. We do that in a variety of ways:

  • We launched the Midwest Soil Health Summit to address the growing evidence that cover cropping and livestock integration principles can be both profitable and scalable. Click here to read about 2014-15 MSHS keynote Gabe Brown in the New York Times.
  • We hold grazing-based education at our SFA Annual Conference, including the Advanced Grazing Workshop in 2013 that paved the way for the Midwest Soil Health Summit.
  • Our Keep Cattle in Minnesota project, in conjunction with NRCS, will work to sustain Minnesota’s beef and dairy industries and environment.
  • With help from Minnesota NRCS and the Pasture Project, we published the Beginning Grazier Handbook, available for free download here.
  • Our yearly farm-and-food session at the Mill City Farmers Market spreads information about grass-based farming and grassfed meat preparation to a consumer audience.
  • We work with the Minnesota Dairy Initiative to enhance and improve sustainable dairy production in Minnesota

For questions regarding our GrazeFest series, contact SFA Livestock and Grazing Specialist Kent Solberg at 218.445.7580 or sevenpinesfarm

SFA’s Third Annual Midwest Soil Health Summit Feb. 17-18, 2016, in Alexandria, Minn.

MSHS_2colorSFA’s third annual Midwest Soil Health Summit, will be held Feb. 17-18, 2016, at Arrowwood Resort in Alexandria. The Summit will convene some of the most innovative farmers and researchers in the Upper Midwest for two days of networking, speakers, panel discussions and breakout sessions – all geared at improving the health of your soil.


New research finds organic milk healthier than conventional

A new study evaluating organic milk produced in the U.S. finds that organic milk has about 62 percent more omega-3s, compared to milk produced by cows on conventional dairy farms. Read the story here.


Cover Crop Fact Sheet IMAGE FOR CONNECTCover Crop Fact Sheet now available

Click here to download SFA’s new Cover Crop Fact Sheet, a one-page guide to the basics of cover cropping by SFA Livestock and Grazing Coordinator Kent Solberg. Learn the basics of cover cropping, view examples of major crop types, and find Kent’s recommended resources.


Minnesota Dairy Initiative is here to help

The Minnesota Dairy Initiative is a program that promotes a healthy and vibrant dairy industry in Minnesota. SFA is a project partner with MDI; to learn more, click here.


SFA compiled our Beginning Grazier Handbook as part of the Keep Cattle in Minnesota Project, with support from the Minnesota Natural Resources Conservation Service and the Pasture Project. Click here to download.


From NRCS, this video, “The Science of Soil Health: Without Carrot or Stick” is a short interview with Penn State researcher Dr. Sjoerd Duiker that details how dairy farmers in his state are using cover crops to improve their business – without regulations or subsidies. Watch it here.

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Shifting the focus of agriculture from maximum yields to maximum soil health quality is critical to the sustainability of agriculture in Minnesota, the Upper Midwest, the United States and globally.  SFA is committed to continued soil health programming, including programs addressing the integration of cover crops, row crops and livestock grazing.  We will continue the pursuit of funding and programs that foster the development of soil health building practices for the long term.