Garlic Festival – A Zero Waste Event

One of the goals of MN Garlic Festival is to recycle, reuse or compost all our disposables, and to have no trash to haul away at the end of the day. We require all our vendors to use compostable or recyclable cups, plates and utensils.

4H Zero WasteWright County 4-H’ers are serving as Zero-Waste Patrollers, working to ensure that the Garlic Festival meets our goal of creating as little waste as possible. Stationed at Zero-Waste Centers throughout the fairgrounds, these 4-H’ers will help festivalgoers sort their waste into three categories: compostable, recylcable, and garbage. Their aim is to educate, as well as assist.

We have two other partners as well: the McLeod County Fairgrounds assists with recycling, and Creekside Soils uses all our compostable items.

McLeod County Wright County 4-H CreekSide

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