Adjust 2015

Adjust logo CROPWhen Farming Reality Doesn’t Match the Business Plan

Farming is a difficult business; and new farmers particularly struggle to get started. Many new farms need to make adjustments early in their development in order to stay in business.

Update: SFA released some preliminary findings from the initial surveys on Dec. 19, 2013. To peruse these findings, click here. 

Through paid surveys and interviews with beginning farmers, Adjust 2015 will summarize the stories of farms and farmers who have had less than desired success, or have had to make changes to their operations and plans in order to survive. This summary will be the basis for our New Farm Reality Check™ educational materials, which we will make available to beginning farmer-training courses throughout the North Central Region, as well as our own workshops in Minnesota and other NCR states.

Project Goals

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New Farm Reality Check™ Curriculum:

This is NOT a new beginning farmer education program. It is a curriculum to be used by current or future beginning farmer educational programs, and it is also a stand-alone half-day workshop that will present findings and suggest ways to avoid pitfalls/plan for success.


We are currently conducting final interviews with survey participants. We thank all who have taken part in this important work.