Chapter Update: South Central

SFA_SouthCentral_RGBBy Kelly Firkins

Our chapter held a meeting with Al Batt last month. He is our local bird specialist and was able to talk about the state of the birds and bees in Southern Minnesota. He entertained us with bird calls and updated us on the changing nature of bird migration. He also called on us to become active citizen scientists and to pay attention to the birds around us. It was a worthy talk to attend.

South Central’s next event is one of our most popular! On Sat., Jan. 18, we’ll be holding our Annual Meeting. This year it takes place in Wells, Minn., and will focus on Prevent Plant and Cover Crops. We saw a surge of these sorts of plantings this past year because of the weather and now is the time for farmers to get together to talk about how that went. The day will begin at 9 a.m. and there will be a farmer panel; at 11 a.m. Sarah Carlson from Practical Farmers of Iowa will present on the benefits of cover crops in 2014; then a delicious lunch will be served; John Mesko will welcome everyone; then at 1:10 p.m. the Albert Lea Seed House will talk about the cover crop seed supply for 2014, and at 1:30 we’ll end with Jon Frank from International Ag Labs talking about cover crops and soil dynamics. For more information please see our website: or call Linda Meschke at 507.238.5449. We hope to see you there!