A Timely Conference at a Great Resort: The Midwest Soil Health Summit

By Jason Walker • SFA Communications & Membership Coordinator

Jason Walker

Jason Walker

Driving on treacherously snowy, windswept roads to visit relatives in Iowa last week for Christmas, the vast, vegetation-free fields that stretched to the horizon seemed particularly irresponsible. If the surrounding farms utilized cover cropping and better soil management techniques, I kept thinking, then maybe the snow wouldn’t blow like the dickens and create the dangerous roads that were turning a simple drive into a white-knuckle exercise for me and my family.

Experiences like that magnify the need for a soil health showcase like our Midwest Soil Health Summit, set for Feb. 19-20 at Arrowwood Resort in Alexandria, Minn. With an elite roster of expert speakers like Gabe Brown, Richard Bieber, Wendy Taheri, Jay Fuhrer, Ryan Stockwell and our own Kent Solberg, the Summit is going to be two days of crucial farmer networking that can make a real difference in the health of any farm’s soil. No matter what you produce or what farming methods you use, attending the Midwest Soil Health Summit can give farmers in the Upper Midwest a leg up on building vital soil bacteria and fungi, extreme weather resistance, enhanced profitability and more.

Our roster of presenters alone speaks volumes – these are folks on the cutting edge of sustainable agriculture all in one package. We’re awfully excited about the networking opportunities that are going to be created at this new conference, too, as we attract longtime SFA members as well as farmers new to the idea of sustainability.

MSHS_2colorIt’s starting to become more and more clear: The issue of soil health has the potential to be a tipping point in the mainstream growth of sustainable farming. And no matter if you’re Gabe Brown or a conventional corn-and-soybean farmer or anybody in between, the potential to keep building the health of your soil always remains.

Besides the conference theme, the other exciting thing about the Midwest Soil Health Summit is its location. Arrowwood Resort is just that: a beautiful setting offering activities like skating, a spa, horse-drawn sleigh rides, ice fishing, snowmobile rentals and an indoor water park. A break at the Summit may be just what your family needs in the middle of winter.

Registration for the Midwest Soil Health Summit is $150 per person for the general public and just $100 for SFA members. Click here to register. And booking your room at Arrowwood is easy at 320.762.1124.

Even a simple drive this time of year proves the importance of soil health. Register today and get the Midwest Soil Health Summit on your calendar. You won’t be disappointed.

Also, watch for a complete MSHS schedule to be published soon!